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Didier Corlou

Born at Hennebont, in Brittany, Didier Corlou is no armchair traveller. He finished his training when he was seventeen, put in three years in some French inns and restaurants then headed off to explore the world, in the process became enchanted with the exotic spices and fruits of Africa, Asia and distant islands.

First foreign Chef who comes back in Vietnam after the war, his target is to promote and give back the stars of the Vietnamese cuisine. Focus on the transmission, it is with pleasure that he takes some young cooks to train and give something.

About La Verticale

To evolve in a space where the East meets West, where the two comes together for a cuisine in a perfect balance of tastes & textures!

Spices Verticale dishes are the result of a surprising French and Vietnamese fusion that goes across the conventional boundaries. 

Charming old ancient French villa from the 1930s with a relaxing patio.

Located at the hearth of the old French quarter.

Wish you a nice spicy journey…

East & West Cuisine
with spices and freshest seasonal local products
only natural flavors 


There are two ranges of spices at Spices Verticale.

The first one are spices that are usually used in daily Vietnamese cuisine (cinnamon, nuoc mam, star anise, turmeric, ginger…).

The second range are rare spices that come from remote regions, mountains or from the minorities.

Find out your flavors and taste, try on the dishes than take it home to follow the fragrance and the experience…